HQStage provides the stage for your quantum simulations.
With HQStage you gain access to our powerful quantum simulation Modules each with distinct use cases and unique features.
HQStage and its modules strictly follow our philosophy to provide easy-to-use yet powerful quantum simulation software tools.

Easy input

HQS Modeling Assistant

Model analysis

HQS Spin Mapper

HQS Molecules

Quantum computing

HQS Noise App

HQS Qorrelator App

HQS Quantum Libraries


HQS Quantum Solver

HQS Spectrum Tools

HQS Qolossal

HQS Raqet

SaaS on HQS Cloud
To get access to our SaaS offerings please contact us.
Coming summer 2024: Beta version of HQSpectrum - an easy-to-use, accurate and reliable computational tool to speed up structure verification and elucidation with NMR.